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Mdm Saripah Basir

Associate Professor Mukhlis Abu Bakar

Room 3-03-26C
Asian Languages and Cultures NIE/NTU
Tel: +65 67903567

Associate Professor Mukhlis Abu Bakar joined the National Institute of Education in 2002. He has a PhD from the University of Wales, Bangor, UK. Mukhlis taught at the National University of Singapore before joining the Institute. He teaches Malay grammar, socio-cultural perspective of literacy and critical literacy. His current research interest is in the area of children’s literacy in the home, school and faith settings. The issues he is concerned with include reading experiences and practices as they impinge on school achievement and the connection of linguistic form and function with social practice.

Mukhlis received an Excellence in Teaching Commendation Award from NIE in 2011. He has received five research grants, as Principal Investigator to all of them. He is currently working on an MOE-contracted research on children’s biliteracy learning using bilingual storybooks.

Among his publications include:

  1. Mukhlis Abu Bakar (In-press). Transmission and development of literacy values and practices: An ethnographic study of a Malay family in Singapore. In Silver, R. E., & Bokhorst-Heng, W. D. (Eds.), Quadrilingual Education in Singapore: Pedagogical Innovation in Language Education. London: Springer Press
  2. Mukhlis Abu Bakar (2012). Learning and spirituality in young Muslim children. Journal of Religious Education, 60(3), 25-34.
  3. Mukhlis Abu Bakar (2010). Struktur dan Makna dalam Bahasa.Singapore: Pustaka Nasional Pte. Ltd.
  4. Mukhlis Abu Bakar (2009). "Islamic religious education and Muslim religiosity in Singapore". In James A. Banks (Ed.), The Routledge International Companion to Multicultural Education (pp. 437-448). New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis.
  5. Mukhlis Abu Bakar (2007). "One size can't fit all": A story of Malay children learning literacy'. In V. Vaish, Gopinathan S. & YB Liu (Eds.), Language, Capital, Culture: Critical Studies of Language in Education in Singapore (pp. 175-205). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.
  6. Mukhlis Abu Bakar (2006). Between state interests and citizen rights: Whither the madrasah. In Noor Aisha Abdul Rahman & Lai, A. E. (Eds.), Secularism and Spirituality: Seeking Integrated Knowledge and Success in Madrasah Education in Singapore (pp. 29-57). Singapore: Institute of Policy Studies & Marshall Cavendish Academic.

Latest Development

Dr Mukhlis has just begun a new funded research on biliteracy learning using dual language books. In this research, he will investigate how Malay pre-school children in Singapore respond to using English-Malay dual language books for reading, outside of curriculum time. The participants will comprise pre-school children from both English-dominant and Malay-dominant homes. The research aims to advance understanding of multilingual development and engagement by:

The project is planned as a pilot to identify key issues that could inform the design of a more extensive study that may include children of other age groups such as the lower primary school students.


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