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Mdm Saripah Basir

Teaching Fellow, Mdm Roszalina Rawi

Room 3-03-42
Asian Languages and Cultures NIE/NTU
Tel: +65 67903526

Teaching Fellow, Mdm Roszalina Rawi joined the NIE Asian Languages and Cultures Academic group in June 2010. She has taught since 2003 at secondary school level. joined the Malay Language Division of the Asian Languages & Cultures Academic Group in 2007 as a Teaching Fellow.

She received her Degree in Malay Studies and Economics from the National University of Singapore (2001), Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (Malay Language Specialisation) with Distinction from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) / NIE Singapore (2003), and a Masters degree in Education (Malay Language) from NTU / NIE (2010).

Mdm Roszalina's research interests are in the field of pedagogy of Malay Language and issues in the study and teaching of the Malay Language. Among the courses taught at NIE, include the Teaching of Malay Language and Foundations to the Malay Language Curriculum. These courses are offered to trainee teachers at the Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate diploma levels.

The following are some of her working papers:

  1. "Konsep Wira di Kalangan Para Pelajar Melayu di Singapura-Satu Kajian Kes" International Conference on Humanities. Universiti Sains Malaysia. Penang, Malaysia (14-16 June 2011)

Currently, Madam Rosza is pursuing her PhD (Education) at Cambridge University.


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