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Mdm Saripah Basir

Senior Lecturer, Dr Sa'eda Buang

Room 3-03-75
Asian Languages and Cultures NIE/NTU
Tel: +65 67903522

Senior Lecturer, Dr Sa'eda Buang joined the Asian Languages and Cultures academic group, NIE as a lecturer in 2001, specializing in the areas of curriculum and pedagogy. She has been in the teaching service for many years, including teaching at a junior college and a secondary school. She received her MA from the National University of Singapore, Diploma in Education from the Institute of Education, Singapore in 1985, and her PhD from NTU. Her contribution to the Malay literary world includes the writing of poetry and short stories. She received the Literary Award (poetry) and Literary Award (short stories) from the Singapore Malay Language Council in 2003 and 2005 respectively. Her award-winning poem entitled ‘Pustakaku dalam Remang Senja’ (My Reading Room in the Twilight) was translated into Mandarin by Chan Maw Woh and featured in Lianhe Zaobao in 2005.

Dr Sa'eda's research interests are in the areas of curriculum development and reformation, madrasah education, literacy and alternative assessments, curriculum leadership, creative writing and Malay literature.

Her research in progress is on madrasah/Muslim education, its curriculum development, challenges and reformations, and their implications both locally and internationally. Her studies involve gathering empirical data from some madrasahs in Singapore, conducting observations and intervention work. Sa'eda was the guest editor for the Asia-Pacific Journal of Education's special issue on Muslim Education—Challenges, Opportunities and Beyond (2007).

Currently Dr Sa'eda is teaching testing and alternative assessments to pre-service and in-service teachers. Her research interest in literacy and alternative assessments has led to her involvement in the CRPP Core Panel 5 Mother Tongue Scoring Exercise in 2005 as one of its facilitators. The work involved assessing the intellectual quality of Malay Language tasks—either by teachers or students. It is her keen interest to instill ‘deep learning’ through quality tasks/assessments.

Dr Sa'eda is also interested in the development and nuances of Malay literary works in Singapore and has embarked upon a DBP-commissioned research on the Development of Short Stories in Singapore in 2005 as part of the DBP’s comparative studies on ASEAN literary works

She received the Award for Excellence in Teaching (Commendation) from NIE/NTU in 2006 and 2007, and won the Dean’s Commendation for Research Award, 2008, NIE/NTU, for her article entitled “The Life and Future of Muslim Education”, published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Education Special Issue, 27(1), 1-9.

The following are some of her publications:

  1. Sa'eda Buang (2010). "Muslim education and globalization: the re-(de)positioning of languages and curriculum contents in Southeast Asia. In Vaish, V. (Ed.), Globalization of language and culture in Asia, Advances in Sociolinguistics Series. (pp. 33-59). London: Continuum Books. Asia Pacific Journal of Education Special Issue

  2. Sa'eda Buang (2008). Religious Education as Locus of Curriculum: A Brief Inquiry into Madrasah Curriculum in Singapore. In Lai Ah Eng (Ed.), Religious Diversity in Singapore (pp. 301-322).Singapore: Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore.

  3. Sa'eda Buang (2007).Madrasah and Muslim Education:Its Interface with Urbanization..In Pink, W.T. & Noblit, G.W (Eds.), International Handbook of Urban Education (pp. 321-342). Netherlands: Springer.

  4. Sa'eda Buang, Mastura Ismail (Ed.) (2007). Asia Pacific Journal of Education. Muslim Education-Challenges, Opportunities and Beyond. 27 (1)

  5. Sa'eda Buang (2003).Ke puncak pun tidak (To summit no more)-dan lain-lain cerpen. In Mana Sikana (Ed.), Menyeberang Selat (pp. 221-244). Singapore : Dragon Education Enterprise.


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